Your brain health journey begins by finding clarity

It can be challenging to find the right help. Understanding what to do, whether you’re feeling great or having trouble, as well as understanding what your doctor says, can be a scary proposition - especially when it comes to brain health. We bring clarity to the discovery process by assessing how your brain is working and how it is supporting your overall health.

At the Center, you receive the answers you've been looking for. Your dedicated psychologist will meet with you and your family in a follow-up meeting to explain results in a way you can understand.

We learn how your brain works

We are passionate about helping individuals enhance their brain performance by understanding how their brain works. Our specialty is identifying and caring for people throughout their lives, from 5+ through their senior years.

We share up-to-date evidence-based research so patients can understand what possibilities are available. Professionals in our field are better able to improve outcomes than ever before with all that can be tangibly done to improve brain performance and reduce risk for future problems.

Empowered to take control of your brain health

We are here to simplify the complex. Your doctor will explain active treatment plans so you understand clear next steps that you can take. We also work hand-in-hand with your primary care physician or specialist, with follow-up consultations as needed.

We serve our greater Houston community by offering classes for the public, as well as professional training. Individuals can take advantage of our support groups, ongoing education, or coaching to enhance their control over their situation.

You own your future

We believe that true brain health requires ongoing action. It is best defined by daily habits and lifestyle that enable a vibrant and high quality of life.

We empower our patients and their loved ones to take control of their future with a tailored plan of care. They continue working with us to integrate change into their daily life, to make sure next steps are sustainable, beneficial, and consistent. We provide the roadmap and you take the next steps to ensure your future. Support is available every step of the way.